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Discussion: Autumn is Here

Sept. 23 is the first full day of Autumn and we want to know what your favorite fall events/activities are.

Sherrie Good almost 5 years ago

Without hesitation it is seeing the fall leaves. We are so fortunate to live in a beautiful valley with definite changing of the seasons. And what better way to ensure we will always see those beautiful mountains and leaves than to invest in solar electricity now. If we keep buying electricity from coal and gas powered plants, we are just adding to carbon and methane pollution. By putting solar panels on all of our city owned structures, we can help ensure clear views of the changing leaves. I think Harrisonburg needs to take initiative and move beyond the 1% HEC allows for renewable energy. We need real leadership in the energy future of our city.

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Zack Germroth, Public Relations consultant almost 5 years ago

Easy call... Biking and Hiking. Starting in HBurg, you can get into some great country biking within 10 minutes, going in practically any direction. Driving, it takes maybe 20 minutes to get to some top-drawer hiking areas. Of course, country store and antique shopping can be found within HBurg, and plenty more also with a 20-minute drive. I really enjoy this trifecta of Fall activity.

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Elaine T Blakey almost 5 years ago

We are so fortunate to have such a gorgeous view of the mountains from most points within the city limits. The city affords us the opportunity to be near the entry ways and travel to the Skyline Drive and see the spectacular hues of the trees. I love walking along the park grounds within the city that a re well kept and clean. For a city of this size, we have much more than many cities larger than the 'Burg.

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