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On average, how much per year does interest on the national debt cost every household in the U.S.?

Correct Answer $1,000 to $5,000 Tell Me More

In 2017, the interest on the national debt was $456 billion, or $3,610 for every household in the United States. Measured as a portion of federal revenues, interest on the national debt is currently low compared to previous decades, because the average interest rate is much lower than historical norms. However, the Congressional Budget Office "anticipates that those payments will increase considerably as interest rates return to more typical levels."

Documentation Interest on the National Debt Interest Rate Drivers

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Correct Answer Yes Tell Me More Data from the Obama administration Census Bureau and Department of Justice show that noncitizens are 7% more likely than the U.S. population to be incarcerated in adult correctional facilities, and this represents only a fraction of serious crimes by illegal immigrants. In the prior decade, the U.S. deported at least 1.5 million noncitizens who were convicted of committing crimes in the U.S., or 10 times the number of noncitizens in U.S. adult correctional facilities. This indicates a level of criminality that is multiplicatively higher than the U.S. population. Also, roughly half of noncitizens are in the U.S. legally, and legal immigrants rarely commit crimes, because immigration laws are designed to screen out criminals. Hence, the incarceration rate of illegal immigrants is probably about twice as high as for all noncitizens. Documentation Illegal Immigration & Crime

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Let's make our downtown a more pleasant, attractive experience for the citizen and vising pedestrians who come to shop, walk eat and explore Harrisonburg downtown by diverting large commercial truck traffic via [e.g.] Rt. 11, Erickson (280), Rt. 42, Mt. Clinton Pike, thus eliminating primary culprits of near-road air and noise pollution while sustaining our vibrant downtown.

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The Great "U" Of Rockingham County Come 2024:

Drop a straight line from Betts Road to Cross Keys. Draw a straight line west to Bridgewater. Draw a straight line north to Hinton.

There "U" have it. Harrisonburg's future tax base and the plans for a third high school. Think it can't happen?

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Walter Waddell 3 months ago

In anticipation of "return to school and college", post radar speed indicator signs for those areas. Peach Grove Avenue from Stonespring intersection to Port Republic Road of particular interest as drivers "jockey" at excessive speeds to "beat" one another to the merge lane.

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Hanging on both sides of the courthouse as you drive downtown are the huge obnoxious banners for a Shenandoah valley gay pride event. I don't know the criteria for placing banners on the courthouse property but this offends me to no end. I have heard many people reiterate that this is extremely offensive to them and they resent that they have to be exposed to this kind of material on their own city property. While this issue disturbs and offends me I respect the right of people to organize and execute this event however the promotion of this on city property is dead wrong. Leaving it up offends many people, removing it only means that a private entity has to seek conventional means to promote their event. The city would not allow other sexually themed events to hang on court square, there should not be an exception for this. It's trash and hurts the city.

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My family and I moved to Harrisonburg about 5 months ago. Since moving here, we have noticed several bad accidents happen at the intersection of Pear Street and Erickson Avenue. I believe that these accidents could have been prevented if there was a traffic light in place. It is very difficult to turn onto Erickson Avenue from Pear Street, due to oncoming traffic coming from both directions. Coming from Russel Drive to Pear Street, it sometimes takes over five minutes to make a safe turn. If a traffic light were in place, these issues could undoubtedly be resolved.

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