Our local police can decide whether a criminal is violent and here illegally and should be reported to ICE, rather than agreeing to turn over all info on those suspected of possibly being here illegally to the federal government, risking distrust when community members think that cooperating with authorities can put them at risk for deportation. I'm not sure what our city's current policy is on this, but it would be great if we could announce our town as being an official Sanctuary City, making our community members feel even safer here.

10% of our city school system's limited-English-proficiency students are from Iraq, one of the countries included in Trump's recent Executive Order. Many local students, college students, and family members are here on green cards and special visas. We also are home to many Dreamers. Let's make sure they feel safe and secure in their home city, Harrisonburg, Virginia.




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Renee Teate over 1 year ago

A recent article from Washington Post about Sanctuary Cities and Trump's Executive Orders http://wapo.st/2jLuNQr?tid=ss_tw

Walter Waddell about 1 year ago

The City of Harrisonburg is a second class city. The judicial system is administered by the County. The Commonwealth's Attorney for the County of Rockingham and the City of Harrisonburg is sworn to uphold the law. Change the law by proper exercise of the electoral process.

Mark Klosinski 7 months ago

I have an idea, let's just obey the laws as they are written, if you want to change the laws, contact your elected government representative.