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Meeting Time: January 09, 2018 at 7:00pm EST
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Agenda Item

7.g. Discussion regarding the construction of a second high school

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    Chris Mayfield 10 months ago

    The time to act is now. Waiting to resolve the overcrowding issue will make matters worse in the short term and more expensive in the long term.

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    Alison Sandman 10 months ago

    We need a new high school sooner rather than later. It is time to act.

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    Timothy Howley 10 months ago

    I sincerely appreciate the efforts of the HCPS to have a transparent and open dialogue about the space concerns of our high school. This work has been intentional, inclusive and thoughtful. Lots of options were seriously considered. I agree with the recommendations of the Space Committee and the School Board: The best decision for our school division is to build a second high school. I encourage our city council members to have the courage to make the right choice for our community.

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    Anna Landis 10 months ago

    Investing in our children's education is paramount. The current overcrowding is becoming untenable for students and educators, and we must act now to not further exacerbate the problem.

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    Carrie Knight 10 months ago

    It is imperative that the council approve the construction of a new high school immediately. Our children, our educators, and our community cannot afford to wait any longer for action to be taken.

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    Jason Barr 10 months ago

    Voting to raise taxes is never a popular thing to do, but the current high school situation is untenable. The school's overcrowding has created a deeply unsafe and unfriendly learning environment for students, staff, and faculty. Delaying the decision to build a new school will only cost taxpayers even more in the long run; someone on city council needs to move forward on this item. There is no reasonable need for delay.

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    Jonathan Gibson 10 months ago

    Building a new high school now is simply the most responsible thing to do. ALL of Harrisonburg’s citizens would eventually come to regret any delay or further exploration of short-sighted alternatives when they are faced in a few years with the cost of that delay. We need to do the right thing now. Communities that invest in their kids = communities that thrive.

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    Kristen Ephraim 10 months ago

    Please vote yes to the construction of a new high school. Our children deserve to receive a quality education with the space and resources necessary, and our teachers deserve the classroom space needed to do their jobs effectively. Invest in the next generation now, because these children are the future of our community!

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    Kira Newman 10 months ago

    You cannot serve students if you do not have structures in which they can learn and feel safe. Overcrowding increases class sizes, which results in higher teacher-student ratios, which harms instruction. Overcrowding results in hallway misunderstandings, harassment, and petty fighting. It is adding unnecessary physical and mental stress for our children. The time to plan for the future and approve the building of a second high school is now.

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    Carol Miller 10 months ago

    The overcrowding is NOW and the new high school must get underway ASAP.

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    Rebecca Deloney 10 months ago

    Please approve construction now to avoid higher costs in the future. Save taxpayers money and move forward to do what is best for our city.

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    John McGehee 10 months ago

    There is no question that we need a new high school. The size of a school system is driven by student population. Ours is growing rapidly and we have no choice but to expand our capacity to meet that growth. School expansion is one of the hidden costs of rapid growth and development. The questions we should be addressing relate to the future of arts programs, STEM education, transportation, athletics, and other programming. The building itself is a no-brainer.

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    David Newman 10 months ago

    Please move forward with this project. Any delay will further harm our children and also drive up the costs of the inevitable expansion.

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    Jenny Schrom 10 months ago

    As a Harrisonburg tax payer, I'd like to see a new high school built ASAP. When a committee was formed to look at options to deal with the HS overcrowding, the group who studied the issue overwhelmingly suggesting building. Even the original detractors ended up supporting the idea of a new HS. The time to begin is now.

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    Matt Wade 10 months ago

    As a taxpayer and homeowner in the city of Harrisonburg I fully support the construction of a second High School. A second High School have additional benefits such as job creation and making Harrisonburg a more attractive place to invest and reside. Please vote to approve the second high school without delay. Thank you

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    Kelly Brady 10 months ago

    Let’s build this new high school with no further delays. This is a worthy investment for our community, one that will draw businesses, improve real estate, and enhance the already great reputation of Harrisonburg. There is no choice but to build ASAP.

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    Jennifer Gilbreath 10 months ago

    Overcrowding is not conducive to learning. It causes scheduling problems and staffing and supply shortages. In these days of escalating school violence and bullying and social media harassment, packing too many teenagers into limited space is more likely to cause problems and far less likely to promote education. Build a second school. It will bring more jobs, new residents and communities, and attract businesses with the growth of the community. It's good for Harrisonburg.

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    Laura Merrell 10 months ago

    Supporting students' education means giving them adequate places to learn. Students cannot learn in environments where the class is stuffed to the gills. Teachers cannot teach when there are too many students and not enough room. Further, it is a health and safety hazard. The counsel needs to plan for the future of our community, not right now. I support construction of a second high school.

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    Adam Copeland 10 months ago

    Please move to vote in favor of building a second high school. Time is of the essence in this decision and delaying this decision, particularly due to its imminent necessity and support from the School Board, would be irresponsible and a disservice to our city and our future.

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    Kala Melchiori 10 months ago

    My son is in kindergarten at Keister Elementary. Please build a new high school in Harrisonburg so that when he is old enough he will not attend an overcrowded school. When he is in 9th grade, there will be over 2,000 high school students in our city; our only high school was built for 1,350 students. Kids cannot get a proper education in overcrowded schools. Please support our kids' education and build a new high school in Harrisonburg!

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    Cathy Weiss 11 months ago

    The overcrowding at Harrisonburg High School is fast approaching crisis proportions. It is imperative that the City Council move and approve construction of the second high school. Please do not delay!

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    Lelia Hedrick 11 months ago

    My friend lost the interested buyer for her house in an affluent Harrisonburg neighborhood...because the interested party found out about the city's high school situation. How sad! We MUST have decent, attractive schools to have a decent and attractive city with decent property values! It's a no-brainer. We need a second high school! PLEASE do not delay.

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    Jake Krug 11 months ago

    I want the children of our community to have a better educational experience from the one I had. My school district was plagued with overcrowding and used the band aid approach. A small addition was added at great expense and little return and many of our classes were in dilapidated trailers. Our community is blessed with wealth and we need to leverage that wealth so that all children have the best educational opportunities possible. Rolling out trailers is a disservice to future generations.

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    Bruce Forbes 11 months ago

    The chancellor found that Forbes' testimony was “totally lacking in credibility,” and that Forbes' conduct after the auction “was a continual pattern of acting in bad faith.”

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    Andi Arndt 11 months ago

    A delay to save money will be a wash financially. In lieu of construction costs at 2021 levels, we'll be putting the "savings" toward renting additional trailers and the increased construction costs expected in 2022. The school board already went back and got new bids to lower the cost. Are those savings now to be squandered on more trailer bandaids and inflation-related losses? I urge you to make a motion to approve, and vote FOR the new high school to open **in August 2021** No delays!

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    Cathy Copeland 11 months ago

    Please vote YES for a second high school. Harrisonburg School Board has chosen a cost-effective solution after well over a year of trying to figure out the best way forward and asking for competing bids. If you delay voting on this, it WILL mean that a second (and desperately needed) high school will not open until 2022. Your vote on Tuesday can change this and have it open in Fall 2021. More trailers and more band-aid solutions further weaken our city and school system. Act now ForHHS2!

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    Amy Graham 11 months ago

    Please do not delay voting in favor of a new high school. Delaying only prolongs our children attending an overcrowded school and increases the cost of a future second high school. Please vote "yes" to a second high school at the next Council Meeting.

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    Julie Way 11 months ago

    Please act sooner rather than later -- overcrowding is a safety concern, and putting off construction will only make the 2nd high school more expensive down the road.

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    Emily North 11 months ago

    Do not delay the approval of building the much-needed, new High School! Our students need it as soon as possible for a safe, positive learning environment.

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    Margo McIntire, Coordinator of Adult Degree Program at EMU 11 months ago

    As the mom of two currently enrolled HHS students, I know the overcrowding situation is untenable. Expansion of HHS is pure folly since growth projections and current enrollment outstrip its usefulness immediately. No one wants to pay higher taxes, but I would rather pay taxes for a high quality school system which provides adequate learning facilities than pay for more jails.

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    Brooke Chao 11 months ago

    Please do the right thing and vote to move forward with the construction of the second high school. At this stage in the game delay means increased cost and adding another year to the waiting game. The school board made compromises to get the budget under the requested limit you proposed. They’ve done what was asked of them. Please do the right thing and vote in approval.

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    Adrienne Hooker 11 months ago

    Our fifth graders will be in an extremely overcrowded high school, if Council does not act within their next two meetings! No action will delay construction for one whole year, increase the costs of a new high school, and impact our community substantially more. The time is now to vote 'YES' ForHHS2!